Ticino Pizzeria is all about the rich diversity of Switzerland and her Italian influence.

Most people don't think of pizza when they think of Switzerland. However, if you head south to Ticino (away from the German-speaking region of Central Switzerland) you'll discover an Italian-infused paradise. It's a region where the taste & quality of pizza rivals that of its neighbor. Ticino Pizzeria in New Glarus admires and embraces the same sentiments and culture in its own pizzeria—with passionate pizza chefs, fresh ingredients, and dough that marries the flavors of the pizza together whether you prefer thick, thin, or gluten-free crusts. 

We shop, eat, and drink local whenever possible because we value our unique community and our local economy. We are a local, old-fashioned pizzeria—a single location without franchises—with our heart in our own small town. 



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100 6th Ave
New Glarus, WI 53574


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